Monday, November 21, 2005

One Of Those Days

Well, Friday's server crash has had some unfortunate repercussions today, mainly that we have no access to the password list for the company. This is a problem, mainly because there are a number of people, I like to call them FUCKING MORONS, who did not take one of the many, many opportunities we presented them with to learn their new passwords before they were implemented.

So, my day has consisted of at least 30 variations on the following conversation:

S.C. : "Help Desk, S.C. speaking, how may I help you?"
F.M. : "Ah, yes, this is Harry Dickless down in Nashville, I didn't print out my password last week and I wasn't here on Friday, can you give me my password over the phone?"
S.C. : "I'm sorry, sir, but, due to a hardware failure, we don't have access to that information at this point in time. We're hoping to have it rectified sometime this afternoon, so could you please call back then?"
F.M. : "But, how am I supposed to do any work?"
S.C. : "I'm afraid I can't help you with that, because if you don't have your password, you can't get into the system. Have a nice day, and thank you for calling."

This is in addition to some of the other problems caused by the same hardware failure, which are of actual concern to me...

Sometimes, Mondays suck.
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