Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey Weekend Recap

Ok, here's the recap of the whirlwind weekend:

Got up late, had a late breakfast, then dressed all spiffy-like and went to Churchill Downs (the racetrack) for some quality family-gambling time. Did well enough (read:left with money in my pocket).

Went home to change, then headed out to my parents' house for the big dinner. Deep-fried turkey, creamed spinach, stuffing, gravy, sweet-potatoes (yams, for those of you who are northerners), cranberry sauce...despite all of this temptation, I successfully limited myself to one plate and one piece of pie.

During dinner, we were told the story of my mother's trip to pick up the turkeys she had ordered, and how the frazzled gentleman at the meat shop made the serious error of telling her that she hadn't ordered the turkies she thought she had, because he had taken her order and he knew what she had ordered. (Point of interest: the person who had taken her order was female) After she was done publicly dismembering him, he went into serious backpedal-mode and located one large turkey for her to have.

And that, children, is how my mother saved Thanksgiving!


Slept in, but The Redhead had to go in to work (not-for-profit employees have all the fun, I guess), so I got up out of guilt around 9 and puttered around the house, made the bed, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, that sort of thing. Went flying at noon, it was a beautiful day for it, and not a lot of people in the air, though it was fun to see the number of different small planes parked at the airports I visited. I went to Corbin, KY (off of I-75 if anyone's interested), and was shocked at the size of the personal jet that was sitting down there. It seriously took up most of the available parking space, I could've parked the plane I was flying underneath it.

Got back to Louisville, and settled in to take my Instrument written exam. As I've previously mentioned, I passed, though I did make some stupid mistakes on a couple of questions...

While I was testing, The Redhead was supposed to be carrying a banner (for a sponsor) in the Light Up Louisville parade being held downtown. Turns out, they were shorthanded on the inflatables crew (read: big balloons), so she was shunted over there. I got down there too late to see her expert balloon handling, but I did get there soon enough to provide her with hot chocolate to warm her up. Dinner with my parents, and then a trip back downtown to see all the lights and stuff.

Trip down to The Redhead's hometown to visit her parents. Learned to play Rook, much to the dismay of my MIL, who seems to think that the card game will lead to our divorce. (Not fucking likely, I say ;) ) Came back to Louisville, saw Rent (so-so, music was great), and then snuggled in for a deep sleep.

Slept late, ate brunch, lounged around the house while doing misc. chores (laundry, make grocery list, etc), then headed down to The Flame Run, which is a local glass shop, to blow some ornaments as gifts for our parents. Way cool. Made chili for dinner...yummy!
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