Friday, December 09, 2005

The French Toast Connection

As previously mentioned, whenever there's severe winter weather forecast around here, there's a rush on the grocery stores to buy milk and bread, leading us to ask the question, "Why does everyone only want French Toast when it's snowy?"

Well, seeing as yesterday was one of those days, with the forecast calling for 5"-9" of snow, and we ended up with a grand total of...maybe 1/16th an inch...I think I've discovered the reason for all of this.

I believe that local grocery stores keep track of how much milk they have that's getting ready to pass its "sell-by" date. Whenever that stock reaches a certain amount, they contact the helpful local weather persons who, in exchange for some cold, hard cash under the table, conveniently start spewing their tripe about inches of snow and slick roads and hazardous conditions and so forth.

Keep this on the D-L, though. If they get wind that I know of it, I might have to be "removed"...
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