Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Good Christmas (Eve)

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, even though I know some of your family members had visits from Santa Claus' evil brothers, Vomit Claus and Pneumonia Claus...

Friday at work was pretty boring, but good at the same time. Casual dress, iPod clipped to my belt, headphones on my head, just taking care of business. Didn't even turn on most of the lights, kept it nice and cozy in my department. It was so dead here that my supervisor for the day told me to go ahead and leave after lunch. Free half-day! :)

Friday night, The Redhead and I had dinner with a friend of hers from college, T, and his girlfriend M. T lives in Oregon now, and manufactures bio-diesel. He's a really cool guy and, like everyone The Redhead went to college with, is incredibly lucid and intelligent. His girlfriend is very nice and personable, easy to talk to, and a muralist, which is cool. A very nice couple to hang out with, so I think The Redhead and I will be heading out to Oregon sometime later this year to visit.

Got my Christmas gift from The Redhead, which was a package designed to keep me warm. Comfy slippers, warming massage oil, and the best part...glassblowing lessons! I had been thinking about dropping subtle hints that I wanted something like that ever since we went down and blew some ornaments for our parents, but it turns out that one of the reasons we blew the ornaments in the first place was so she could see if I was interested. That sly boots...

Saturday, we hung around for the morning, got some brunch at our favorite spot, and then went to see Syriana, which is absolutely incredible. It's amazing that George Clooney has taken a career that once consisted of three facial expressions and a good haircut and turned it into one of the most productive, substantive acting/directing careers that's going today.

After the movie, we headed out to my parents' farm for my family's Christmas. Some gift giving (an incredible number of ties changed hands), as well as DVD box sets, books, music, and art. A fantastic haul, followed by a terrific dinner and some good company. We sat and watched several episodes from Season One of Arrested Development. That show is bizarre, but excellent.

A fantastic Christmas Eve. The Christmas Day update to come in a little while.
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