Thursday, December 01, 2005

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

My brother Andy forwarded the following email to me, which is his response to a gentleman from Merril-Lynch asking if their return trip had been less eventful than their travel to the competition. (For more details, check out this entry.) The funny thing is, they made the return leg with a large cardboard check, like they hand out at golf championships. The email is as follows:

Thanks for the email and we (Dom included) will send you the W-9s shortly. I figured you might want to hear about our travels back from Princeton (I put it into timeline format for reading ease):

1:00 PM – Leave Princeton with driver
1:45 PM – Arrive at Newark Airport
1:57 PM – Find out our plane (2:45 flight out) has yet to leave Charlotte to come to Newark
3:00 PM – We are told by the completely unhelpful ticket agent that we will not be leaving Newark until at least 5:15 pm
5:45 PM – We go eat dinner at the fabulous Dick Clark’s in Newark airport since we have now been told that we will not be leaving until 6:45
6:50 PM – Still waiting
7:15 PM – Actually board our plane
7:20 PM – The also completely unhelpful flight attendant tells us we must check our enormous check or else the plane won’t leave. Doubts arise amongst Dynasty as to the possibility of actually getting the check back in Charlottesville
9:15 PM – We arrive in Charlotte and find out from the gate agent that no planes have been able to go into Charlottesville for the past 2 days and they didn’t see it happening anytime soon. We question why US Airways in Newark told us we had spots on a flight from Charlotte to Charlottesville when no flights could fly in all day. The gate agent then directs us the ticketing counter past security to get assistance.
9:30 PM – We find out that the gate agent was mistaken when we get to the check-in counter and they direct us back through security to terminal E
9:40 PM – Security informs us that all of us had been selected for additional screening, we are humiliated.
10:00 PM – We arrive at “Special Situations” in terminal E. They inform us that they are not actually that “Special” as they can do nothing for us. We leave the terminal immediately.
10:10 PM – We find out that there are apparently no rental cars in all of Charlotte that we could use.
10:12 PM – The baggage claim starts up and the only thing that goes around is our enormous check.
10:35 PM – We arrive at the lovely Charlotte Greyhound station, they tell us, “We aren’t sure if we should sell you these tickets but good luck getting on.”
10:45 PM – We get 4 of the last 5 seats on the bus.
4:20 AM – We arrive in Richmond, VA as broken individuals.
5:15 AM – We leave from Richmond on the Greyhound to Charlottesville
6:30 AM – Arrive in Charlottesville, no cabs at the station
6:45 AM – Cab picks us up
8:00 AM – Three of us arrive in class.

I am compiling the expenses now for the trip and will send them to you tonight. Thanks again, we all had a great time and now have a ridiculous story to tell our progeny.
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