Thursday, December 08, 2005

Safety vs. Security

No doubt, most of you have heard about the man who was killed by an Air Marshall in the Miami airport yesterday. If not, here's an article with the pertinent details.

My question to you, my readers, is simple. I want to know your reaction to this incident, given the following facts:

-A visibly agitated man takes his bag and runs off of a plane, and is overheard using the word 'bomb'.

-Air Marshalls follow man and order him to cease and desist.

-Man refuses, and makes a move to reach into his bag.

-Marshall shoots the man.

-Man turns out to be bipolar / manic-depressive.

My focus here is on policy, not enforcement. From the facts at hand, I strongly believe the Marshall involved acted correctly given the situation and the policies governing the use of deadly force. I'm not even, at this point, criticizing those policies, but I would like to hear opinions from people who have other views on the way law enforcement employs deadly force in this country.

Any thoughts?
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