Thursday, December 08, 2005

Southern Snow

Here in the South, we have a very advanced system for dealing with the possibility of snow and/or ice: Panic.

As a friend of mine put it:

yes the weatherman/gorecery store conspiracy has started already here...


weatherman said: "looks like an 10% outside chance of sn..."

IQ's dropped 55pts instantly.

all he had to say was 'sno...'

- BOOM! world comes to an end.

and it will only get worse today...half the idiots in my office will want to go home early cause we might a get a little bit of winter mix tonite around 7-8 oclock.

so they will feel that they NEED to leave at 1/2:00 in order to get home before it happens.

"but if we dont leave now - we wont be able to get any milk & bread"

WTF! - are you gonna make french toast all fuk'n night!?!?
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