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This post was inspired by Edgy Mama talking about Stephen King in a recent post of hers...

In my past life as a theatrical technician, I held a couple of interesting jobs that took me interesting places. One gig in particular had me living in Bangor, Maine for half a year...

Bangor is an interesting little town, only about 40,000 people if you count the little townlets around it, and I'd say about 20,000 of those are crazy as hell. Like the guy who walks along the railroad tracks for 2 hours every day during the summer, doing nothing but...wait for it...bagpiping. It's a quaint little town where the most interesting night spot is the dance club that's erected in the conference room of the local Ramada.

One of the more interesting things about Bangor is that it is home to Stephen King. He has a nice house just outside of downtown, with a wraught-iron fence that has hand-made iron bats, gargoyles, and other monsters at frequent intervals. These items must be replaced periodically, as it seems to be a common pasttime for the natives to steals said ornamentation.

Having read a lot of Stephen King, I know the town of Derry, ME (supposedly fictional) very well. Several of his stories are set there, and he has an incredibly descriptive writing style that really conveys the visual image he wants to show you. Which is why it's so easy to recognize Bangor as the model for Derry.

The pharmacy where the narrator's wife in Bag of Bones dies? Shopped there, it's right next to a movie store and a sushi place.

The truck stop (Dysart's) where Jonesy stops for food in Dreamcatcher? Eaten there.

The canals and sewers where Pennywise, the clown from hell, kill and maims people in IT? Crossed them every day on my walk to and from work.

Hell, Derry is even described as being located off exit 45 on I-95, which is where Bangor is situated (by the way, Maine is one of those states where the exit number is not based off of actual mileage, which pisses me off to no end).

The point of this pointless ramble is that, in my mind at least, Stephen King is has an extraordinary talent for putting images into the reader's mind, and that's a talent that I have great respect for.
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