Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"24" and Catharsis

The Redhead and I watched the first four hours of the new season of "24" last night (I'd recorded them on my fancy-schmancy DirecTV DVR), and it was fun. I haven't really checked in with the series since the first season, because "24" is the kind of show where, if you miss an episode, you're out of it. Especially when I was working in the theatre, there was no way in hell I'd be able to watch prime time TV regularly, so it wasn't an option.

Last night's episodes got me to thinking, "Where's Kim?" And, no, not for the reasons you probably think I wanted to see her. One of the best pieces of editorial humor I have ever read was written by Hank Stuever. Entitled Run, Kim, Run!, it discusses the character of Kim Bauer as the ultimate form of national catharsis, an amplifying mirror that takes all of the trials and tribulations we face in our world, expands them, and then clumps them all together in a single day.

It's worth a read. It stuck with me so deeply that, even now, two years after it was written, I still find myself randomly saying, "Stupid, stupid Kim."
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