Monday, January 09, 2006

Congressional Children's Books

Upon hearing the recent announcement that Teddy Kennedy would be publishing a children's book, I immediately wondered who else in our beloved Congress would be a good children's author. The answer came to me immediately. Sen. Ted Stevens.

Can't you imagine what great children's titles he'd produce for us?

ANWR Andy and The Case Of The Magic Juice - An adventurous romp through the Alaskan wildlife as everyone's favorite sleuth, ANWR Andy, tries to outwit Devious Democrats, and Evil Environmentalists in his search for the elusive Magic Juice, buried somewhere deep within the Magic Forest. This fun tale of personal integrity helps children learn the value of an under-the-table Congressional dealings, as well as the importance of never welshing on a promise.

Or, how about...

Ira The Idealist Goes To Washington (And Testifies Before A Senate Panel) - A thought-provoking tale of one little boy's struggle to right wrongs within the American Legislative system, Ira The Idealist takes on tough questions like, "Why should people have to give sworn testimony, they always tell the truth anyway..." and, "Why do junior Senators always feel like they have to cause trouble for our beloved Chairman by putting forth nasty motions and the like?"
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