Friday, January 27, 2006

Faith In Your Pilot

I went to the airport to pick my brother up last night, and as I pull up to the information display, I see his flight has been delayed by about a half an hour. Undaunted, I head over to the TSA-designated "waiting area", a parking lot about a mile away from the terminal, and sit and watch planes land for a while. Being the aviation enthusiast that I am, I had a portable radio with me, so I could listen to the planes check in with the tower, and thus I knew when my brother had landed.

I pull up to the terminal, he gets into the car and says, "Sorry I'm late, but our pilot got lost in the Atlanta airport."

Apparently, they had a last-minute gate change, and the pilot couldn't find the new gate. After this was announced to the people on the plane, the passenger next to my brother asks, "And this guy flies planes?"
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