Friday, January 13, 2006

Fun With Subtext

During a conversation with a caller who is still printing out digital photos so she can scan them back in...

Me : I'm sorry, but I can't provide any better printer throughput. The length of time it takes to print a picture is determined by a number of factors, none of which I have control over.

(Translation - It's not going to get any faster. Deal with it, you dumb bitch.)

Her : So what am I supposed to do?

Me : Well, there are a number of other options available, including a revamped Warranty system that will allow you to attach as many individual files as you want, negating the need for a single file.

(Translation - Well, you could do it the *right* way, you fucking moron.)

Her : Well, that takes too long.

Me : Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do at this point to assist you further. Please feel free to contact the warranty trainer if you need to discuss changes to the process.

(Translation - I am not responsible for fixing the problems you've created out of sheer ignorance. Have a nice day.)
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