Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The NYE Recap

Greetings, friends and neighbors. I hope everyone's New Year's revelry was up to standards. The Redhead and I had a blast. Here's the weekend recap:

Thursday Afternoon - Drove from Louisville to Knoxville, TN (I had some work to do there Friday morning)

Friday - Worked a couple of hours in the morning, then headed down to Atlanta. Found our hotel, checked ourselves in, caught a quick nap. Walked down to a sushi place just down the street for dinner (yum!). Caught a shuttle van the hotel was running downtown, walked to Phillips arena, chatting with the people who were heading to the Georgia dome for the Peach Bowl (don't even get me started on this whole stupid fucking Chik-Fil-A thing...apparently, it's blasphemous to open for business on Sunday, but it's perfectly fine to ruin the image of a major football bowl game). Went to the show, danced like a maniac, got asked a couple of times what drug(s) I was on ("Dude, I'm high on LIFE!"...no, no, I didn't say that. You don't have to slap me or anything.)

Got asked by a guy with a coldsore if he could have some of my water...I politely declined, explaining that I was just getting over a bad cold, and he didn't want any of it. His response? "It's ok, dude, I have a wife."

If you figure it out, let me know.

Made our way back to our hotel via MARTA and an overpriced taxi.

Saturday - Slept in, then walked down to a gourmet food store owned by an old friend of The Redhead. The Redhead and friend had not seen each other since before both of them had gotten married (it's been about 4, 5 years), so there was much talking and rejoicing. And they have a really cool shop, as well. We were forced, forced I say!, to taste cheese and really good vinegars and crackers and the like. Horrible. Every minute of it. ;)

Had a fabulous lunch in Buckhead at a place called Anis, I highly recommend it to anyone staying in the area. The Redhead had a salad with a piece of grilled wild salmon that was the best piece of fish either of us had had in, oh, a decade.

Back to the hotel, time for another nap. Got up, drove to a Park & Ride MARTA stop, parked and rode. Got downtown just in time to catch the Sugar Bowl parade, which was fun.

Back to Phillips Arena for another night of music, another great show. It does get a bit difficult to continue dancing after the 4th hour of the show has rolled around, especially if you're not hopped up on some kind of stimulant, but it was still a good time. I have to say, Phillips Arena is SWANK. By far, my favorite arena venue that I've been to. Plush cushions on the seats, great decor in the concourses, lots of TVs everywhere so you can watch what's going on if you've stepped out to get some air or an overpriced bottle of water...

Rung in the New Year with the band for a couple of hours, then headed back to the hotel for some sleep. While walking from the MARTA stop to the parking area, I swear I bumped into a guy who was in my suite my first year at college. Bizarre.

Sunday - Slept in. Grabbed brunch with a bunch of friends who were in town for the show at the Buckhead Diner, AWESOME eggs benedict. Hung out with some other friends who had an evening flight (our room was a suite, so we had them come over after they checked out and just sat and talked and looked at wedding photos).

Monday - Got up, got breakfast, got the hell out of Atlanta before the storms hit. We only had a little bit of rain on the entire drive back, but we did pass through the cold front just outside of Nashville...got home, started laundry, watched part of the Sugar Bowl...good times, good times.

Synopsis: We had a frikkin' blast.
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