Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On The (Steve) Jobs

Keynote Day is always a very important day to use Apple fanatics. It's the day where, for a brief but shining hour, we sit, glued to our computers, looking for the websites that have the latest updates on what His Steveness is presenting.

For example, as I type, they've intro'd a new Mac Mini on the Intel chip, and a boombox for the iPod that will serve as a home stereo replacement.

Now, normally, my credit card is already out and waiting when he starts the Keynote (the online Apple Store goes offline for the duration of the speech). Indeed, there was a strong temptation to buy another Mac Mini (it's got some cool updates, okay?), but I successfully fended them off, at least until AFTER tax season. ;)

However, this is a demonstration of how truly outstanding Steve Jobs is at marketing. The Apple community has been abuzz for the last couple of weeks about what he could be introducing at this Keynote, and this happens every time he gives one of these things. People are just lining up, ready to buy whatever he throws out there for them. It's a wonderful combination of showmanship and artistry that we really haven't seen in this country since the days of P.T. Barnum.

On a tangent, if you haven't seen Pirates of Sillicon Valley, you should really watch it. Quite a fantastic look into the backgrounds of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates...
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