Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sweet Duck Love

Please don't ask why I've been researching duck mating habits (you get some weird hits when you Google "duck erections"), but I ran across an entry on the mating practices of Mallards this morning.

"Mating for Mallards is not simply an act of procreation. in fact, it is part of the ritualized pair bonding. It may occur several times a day for months prior to actual egg laying.

This up, down, up, down head nodding gesture is a mutual agreement of sorts. It signifies the pair's commitment to mate.

When a sufficient amount of head bobbing has taken place, and the female is ready, she will stretch out her neck and allow the drake to mount. To keep his balance, the drake bites the back of the hen's neck.

After copulation, the drake does a victory swim around the female, while she performs a ceremonial bath and a wing stretch."

Awww, yeah. It's all about the head bobbing and the victory lap.

From Wings Over The Marsh.

(If you need someone to blame for this, blame Edgy Mama.)
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