Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Business Model

So, since I can't possibly finance this, I'll go ahead and put this idea out there for my eco-readers to take a look at...

In looking around the places where I work and live, I see a lot of roof space going to waste, especially in terms of industrial corporations.

Now, I know that, for most people and companies, the major hurdle to installing solar power is the initial cost of the installation vs. the return on the investment, because it's really about money in most cases.

So, what's the answer? How about a new breed of utility company that specializes in onsite, utility-owned solar? The utility company pays for the installation (which they can do at a significant discount, assuming they strike a purchasing deal with the PV manufacturers and the installation contractors), and they own the equipment, much like the power company owns the cable running to your house. They then install a meter and sell the generated electricity directly to the company.

It's a very rough sketch, I have no idea how local and national utility law would come into play, what deed provisions would have to be made in the event of change of ownership of the building, etc. etc. etc., but it's a fun little concept to toy with.

Anyone want to give me $50 million to start this thing with? ;)
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