Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Family Feud

As I mentioned before, The Redhead is out on the West Coast for a couple of days, returning tomorrow (Wednesday) on Delta, through Atlanta. She had such a good experience taking a bump on a full flight (the Atlanta - Louisville and Louisville - Atlanta legs are always full) that she's considering taking another one on the return trip. We could always use another big travel voucher.

Coincidentally, my younger brother M, who is the master of taking the bump (I don't think this guy has actually paid for travel in about five years) will be returning to Louisville from Las Vegas, through Atlanta, approximately the same time. He almost certainly will try to take the bump.

So, if there's only one bump required, would they fight it out? What's even funnier is the image I have of the gate staff trying to figure out why two people with the same uncommon last name would be competing for a bump.
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