Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Am Such A Spazz

So, here I am, minding my own business in my cube, getting a little work done as I sip my coffee.

I've got my headphones plugged into my PowerBook, iTunes on shuffle. A live performance of a Phish song called Maze (1994/06/22 Columbus, OH, if anyone cares) comes on. Good stuff.

Then it hits the part of the song where a really cacauphonous, driving musical build transitions into this triumphant, wailing guitar revisiting the main theme of the song in a major key, and I instinctively spazz out.

I'm dancing in my chair.

I'm bobbing my head.

I'm waving my arms.

And, for a moment, I'm in an arena with 16,000 other phans loosing my shit because of what four guys on a stage are doing.

And it's all The Redhead's fault. ;)
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