Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Looking For A Car?

The Detroit News has posted a survey regarding how long it took different car models to sell, based upon how long the average car would sit on the lot.

Among the fastest-selling cars:
Lexus IS - 10 days
Toyota Prius - 10 days
Scion tC - 10 days
Honda Civic - 13 days
Scion xA - 13 Days

(Yes, four of the top five sellers are manufactured by Toyota...what does that tell you?)

And the five slowest-selling cars:
Chrysler Crossfire - 302 days
Land Rover Freelander - 248 days
Ford Taurus - 246 days
Suzuki XL-7 - 245 days
Pontiac Montana SV6 - 217 days

The entire results are available here. So, if you're about to purchase a new car, check and see if it's on this list. If it's a slow seller, factor that into your negotiation, because the dealer may be dying to get it off the lot.

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