Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscars : The Recap

Ok, here is my version of the Academy Awards:

Classiest Guy In The Room Award - George Clooney (Ok, I'll admit it, I thought you'd come to nothing when you started on ER...but mad props to you, my Kentucky-born brethren.)

Worst Faux Pas In An Acceptance Speech Award - Ang Lee (I mean, seriously, how could you thank the author of the movie, the producers of the movie, the fictional characters in the movie, and yet not thank the actors who did a spectacular job of winning your ass an Oscar?)

The Best Host The Oscars Have Had In A Long Long Long Long Long Time
- Jon Stewart (With memorable lines such as "Good evening Ladies, Gentlemen...and Felicity," "Be sure to join us for next year's theme, A Tribute To know, we're out of clips. Seriously, if you have any, send them to us. Even if they're on Beta..." and "You know what? I think it just got a little bit easier for a pimp out here."

The Award For Biggest Balls Of The Evening - Whoever won for Sound Editing (I think for King Kong) telling the orchestra, "Don't play me off stage, I can see you getting ready."
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