Thursday, March 02, 2006

Questionable Advertising

The Redhead and I ended up watching Armageddon last night, mainly for the humor factor. The question I have is...has there been a severe drop in tampon purchasing over the last quarter?

Seriously, during this three-hour program (yes, we watched the whole thing...shut up), we saw the same ad for Kotex tampons...wait for it...wait for it...eight times.

Yes, boys and girls, slightly more than twice an hour, TNT decided we needed to have a brand of tampon recommended to us. Also, there were a couple of vaginal ointment commercials on, but I really didn't pay attention to those.

My question is, "Why?" Why during Armageddon, of all movies. Is it considered a chick flick and I just don't know it? I mean, I know that Ben Affleck is easy on the eyes and has outstanding acting skills (I just don't know why he didn't win an Oscar for that movie), but do they really think that their target market is the group that is attracted to Jerry Bruckheimer films?

The only thing I could come up with is that they're targeting husbands and boyfriends who may be asked to "stop at the store and pick up some tampons." Now, I can see that, without adequate instructions, said husbands and boyfriends would have a tough time picking from the stacks of tampons available to them, and might turn to their memories to see if anyone had recommended a brand to them.

"Think...let's think...oh! Bruce Willis said Kotex was the best!"
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