Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Sky Is Falling!

As a Mac guy, I get a lot of questions about security concerns, viruses, etc. I had one friend of the family that was so sure that her laptop had a copy of the new Mac trojan virus on it (newsflash, the Trojan virus is a proof-of-concept program that is not found "in the wild" and doesn't work all that well anyway) that she wouldn't use her laptop, and instead used only her virus-ridden PC (you know it's bad when your ISP shuts you down for being a virus spreader). So, I deal with a lot of people's misconceptions regarding computers in general and Macs in particular.

An article entitled "Mac OS X Hacked In Less Than 30 Minutes" has recently surfaced online, sparking an intense, well, shitstorm.

However, Damien Barrett over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog has taken a look at this supposed "hack" and discovered some interesting information:

1. To get someone to hack OS X, the author set up remote access to secure systems on his machine for anyone who wanted it (basically, handing some people your key ring and saying, "If you figure out which one of these opens my front door, you win.")

2. All of the built-in and external security measures normally taken with computers (firewalls, etc.) were disabled.

Basically, in his words:

"This machine was compromised from the inside with a known user account and password and with a granted attack vector!"

I know most of my readers don't care, but keep it in mind for the next time someone says "Heh heh heh, Apples suck, they get hacked really really fast."

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