Friday, March 10, 2006

What A World

The Redhead read me the Kentucky blurb from yesterday's USA Today (you know, the 50 states condensed into a page?).

Apparently, with just three weeks left in the session for this year, the Kentucky General Assembly is finally getting down to the nitty-gritty of lawmaking. Among the topics to be discussed:

- A bill officially making clogging the State Dance.
- An amendment to the above bill, altering the State Dance to the Watusi.
- A discussion of whether or not to make Ring Around The Rosie the Official State Nursery Rhyme.

Already considered (and passed) - A bill allowing the victim in an attempted carjacking / home robbery to shoot the trespasser with minimal legal repercussions.

"Under the legislation, any unlawful, forcible entry into a home or car would be considered a deadly attack and could be met with deadly force, regardless of whether anyone had been threatened..."

Now, I wouldn't normally take umbrage to these bills...except for the fact that I don't think we have a state budget yet...

How about, next year, a bill that required the budget to be passed before any other legislative work can be dealt with?
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